Saturday, March 7, 2009

Finally Something New in Party-Planning!

Hi there and thanks for checking out Jamelia Photo Parties.

Like the heading suggests, this works very similarly to a Tupperware party.

As a thank you gift You [the hostess] gets either $50 OFF of your order, thats $ 50 worth of prints FREE OR One FREE 6 x 8" [15x20cm] Print of your choice.

As a host you also receve a whopping $40 OFF your order for EACH BOOKING on the day PLUS a further 15% of the total party sales OFF of your purchase!

So say you have a party with 5 guests, each purchasing a mid-range package [$320], and two of them book.
So you get:
1. $50 OFF for being the hostess
2. $80 OFF for two bookings [$40 each]
3. 15% of 5 guests at $320 = $240 OFF
4. 15% OFF of the balance of your purchase after deducting the above.

That means you get a minimum of:

$$370$$ FREE Prints
without spending a single cent!

Why this works is simple, the kids have a great day playing and having fun with friends, the MUMS have a great day playing and having fun and catching up with THEIR friends, its interrupted only very shortly [15-20 minutes] by their session and then they get to go back and play. Their sessions can be timed to fit in with their moods at times of the day, like if your child will be due for a sleep in an hour, we will have them up first so they are still fresh and not tired or cranky..

Notes and Hints for YOUR Photo Party

1 A typical photo party should take around 3-4 hours [that includes set up time of up to 45 minutes before the guests arrive].

2 It is best to have the 'festivities' and play in an area away from the shooting area so as not to distract the children being photographed. The shooting area can also be an outdoor undercover area.

3 Its a good idea suggest to the mothers to bring a change of clothes for the shoot and have wash cloths or wipes handy.

4 To date we do not accept credit cards. We do accept cash and paypal payments.

SO do give Julia a call on 0431 147 304 OR 03 9734 1836 or email and keep in mind, I could be busy on a shoot so do leave a message if you dont get through straight away. I look forward to your call!